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Services & Projects

The team at Loxton Irrigation Centre can assist with professionally prepared irrigation designs and plans which are consistent with industry standards, as well as supplying and installing these systems at competitive prices.

We have the experience and know-how to see your project through from the planning stages, up until and beyond installation, to ensure our customers have the best possible experience.

Main Services

Drip Irrigation

We have successfully undertaken many irrigation projects over the past 42 years ranging from citrus, vines, olives, apples, almonds, stone fruit, golf courses, pumping stations, parks, and turf sports grounds.

If all you need is some help with your domestic garden set-up, our experienced team is more than capable of tackling smaller projects.

Filtration Systems

Loxton Irrigation Centre has a wide range of water filtration products and technology.

Whether you are looking for a filtration system solution for mains water, rainwater, or bore water, our experienced staff can offer technical advice and expert installation.

Automation Technology

We can provide state-of-the-art automation, electric, radio control systems to suit your irrigation needs. We can provide project management from start to finish which includes plans, irrigation system design, materials supply, installation, and commissioning.

Other Services

Supply, Design & Installation of all types of irrigation systems

Drip & Sprinkler Systems for Horticulture

Domestic Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems for Oval & Recreational Areas

Pump Sales & Repairs


Recently Completed Projects

Lloyd Citrus Development

The team at the Loxton Irrigation Centre installed a state-of-the-art drip irrigation system on 29 hectares of citrus at Lyrup. This project was completed in early 2020.

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Completed earlier this year, the Loxton Irrigation Centre designed and fitted a drip irrigation system to a 55-hectare almond property.

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CT Farms

In one of our much larger projects, the team at Loxton Irrigation Centre planned and installed 250 hectares of drip irrigation on an almond plantation at Bookpurnong. The job was completed in 2018.

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